A rustic woodland wedding with fairies and a unicorn


Winter is well a truly upon us, so looking back, or forward to Beth and Carl’s summery rustic woodland wedding is my treat for you today.

This lovely pair were married in a wonderful outdoor ceremony on 8th August 2015. They wanted a day that reflected them and there is sooo much DIY inspiration for you to steal. Beth looks wonderful in her dress (and just wait till you see the price tag!) and if you needed any more reason to scroll down to ogle at the photos captured by Kelsie Low, this wedding not only included the cutest fairies but a magical unicorn. You’re welcome…

Photography by Kelsie Low

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The dress

Beth, the bride: My dress was a made to measure from JJ’s House online for just £100! I wore it with white leather ballet shoes on the day – being super comfortable was very important!

The Groom

Carl wore a white shirt and chinos that he bought on the high street. His shoes, belt, pocket watch were all finds on eBay.

Ushers & Bridesmaids

The ushers wore adorable tweed two-piece outfits and all bridesmaids were fairies. All the outfits were bought from eBay and we found the wings on Etsy.

A relaxed rustic woodland wedding

Our aim was to have a super relaxed, fun day and keep the cost as low as possible by making as much as we could ourselves. Having an outdoor, rustic woodland wedding really allowed us to have this and for us, it was just perfect.

We carried on the rustic look by using straw bales from a local farmer for seating and cable reels that we found at local solar farm as tables. To make the venue pretty we hung butterflies in the woods and I made metres of bunting with my mum. Building fencing stakes were used to mark out pathways and we hung jam jars with dried flowers in to make a feature of them.

The ceremony

We had a humanist ceremony with a hand-tying ceremony. It was perfect for our woodland setting.


Flowers was one place I knew we could save money. Hydrangeas are in season in August, and they’re already a ball of flowers, so it’s not difficult to make into a decent bouquet yourself. I stopped at everyone and anyone’s house that had hydrangeas growing in their garden to ask if I could pick some for our wedding. Very kindly they all did! I picked some the year before so that I could have dried flowers for decorations (along with lavender) and used them for confetti. A few days before the wedding day I went back to cut fresh stems for the bouquets.

The cake

We bought our wedding cake from Waitrose and made it our own with some pretty ribbons and colourful rose petals.


I definitely wanted to give our guests favours, but knew we could save money if I put them together myself. We skip dived for white metal tins and I filled them with straw. We asked a local hotel to save all their little afternoon tea jam jars and I spray painted the lids and made jams to go in them. I then made salt dough hearts to tie onto them with raffia.

Favourite moment of the day

My favourite moment was walking down the aisle. It was everything I’d hoped for. The man I love waiting at the end for me and all the people I love there to share it with us. Everything else was incredible too – the music, the unicorn, the fairies, all it was wonderful – I was so happy I could have cried!



Beth & Carl’s Little Black Book

Photographer – Kelsie Low Photography
Ceremony & reception Venue – Little Ropers Farm, Bures, Suffolk
Dress – JJ’s House


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