Out & About (Number 4} – Columbia Road Flower Market

Out & About | Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market

I love buying fresh flowers, they always brighten up the house and prettify a drab corner… and of course it’s lovely to buy a treat that lasts more than just a few minutes! Almost everyone will know of Columbia Road – and if you’re on Instagram you’ll certainly recognise those pastel pink doors! Beautiful fresh blooms are luxury, but if you do have some disposable income and are looking for a day out I really would recommend making a beeline for the famous flower market.

Columbia Road Flower Market people Columbia Road Flower Market shops

When to visit

Columbia Road Flower Market is great in any season. Every Sunday between 8am and 2pm you’ll find the street lined with sellers come rain or shine. There are also some cute and eclectic shops in the area, many only open on Sunday, such as Lily Vanilli which I love!

While I’ve never been super early – we live in West London so it takes about 40 minutes to get there – you can easily find your way to the market from the tube. Just pass the many people carrying kraft paper bundles, and the odd citrus and evergreen. I’ll warn you now, it can get pretty packed – most of the time it’ll take at least 15 minutes to walk from one side of the road to the other, but there’s nothing quite like the banter from an East End sellers – plus you can bag an absolute bargain.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Spoilt for choice with blooms

So to the main event – the blooms! I defy anyone to walk down Columbia Road Flower Market and not come away with at least a few {hundred} snaps of the beautiful flowers on show. It’s an explosion of colour and textures – an instagrammers dream!

This is not your supermarket selection of flowers, there is a plethora of choice and no matter what you buy it’s going to be great quality. Plus there’s not only fresh cut flowers – there are dried flowers, citrus trees, succulents and surprises like pink pineapples to be snapped up too. I could run through all the kinds of flowers I’ve bought from the market but will save you the time and show you lots of pretty pictures instead. I love all the handwritten signs and chants the sellers come out with trying to flog their wares. These photos are just a few from the hundreds I’ve taken. If you want to see more there are plenty on my Instagram feed – @bonjourbride.

Columbia Road Flower Market | Stall Columbia Road Flower Market | Orchids Columbia Road Flower Market | OrchidsColumbia Road Flower Market | Roses Columbia Road Flower Market | Stall Columbia Road Flower Market | Succulents Columbia Road Flower Market | Pineapples Columbia Road Flower Market | Dried flowers Columbia Road Flower Market | Protea


Those pink doors

If you make your way to the Columbia Road it’s a must to swoon at these pastel pretty doors. I like to think the neighbours are best friends, and compared swatches before painting their doors! I also feel a little sorry for them because they must get a little tired of all the people posing in front of and taking photos outside their house… of course that won’t stop me every time I visit!

Columbia Road pink doors

The photos in this post are from trips we made to the market between January and March. If you’d like to see some pictures of what was on offer in December you might want to take a look at this post.

Maybe I’ll see you at the market on Sunday!

Sarah x


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