My week: March 5, 2016

my week - 05032016

My week

How’s your week been? Has it’s been a good’un? Mine has whizzed by, and I’m super glad it’s the weekend. Apart from work, I’ve spent a lot of the week sorting out my life, changing energy suppliers and all that boring life stuff, but I’ve also been planning fun things. It’s also our 2nd engagement anniversary tomorrow and I’m trying to think of something to do that’ll mark the occasion accordingly. I think it will most definitely involve food!

It’s also Dan’s birthday on Monday… I actually think he proposed the day before so he would never forget when he did it! I’ve planned some treats, and just in case he reads this – which I highly doubt but you never know, I’ll save the sharing for next week. If you want to see what we get up to in ‘real-time’ you can follow me on Instagram @BonjourBride. For now, here’s what I got up to this week.

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

Columbia Road Flower Market

In the last ‘My Week’ post you’ll have seen that we tried to get to Columbia Road Flower Market but didn’t quite make it! I felt like I’d missed out, so last Sunday we made the journey across town again! We met up with a friend and headed for Friends of Ours before buying our blooms. We don’t know many places in East London, so the Dojo app came in handy while looking for an eatery. It had loads of recommendations and we were spoilt for choice, we went for the nearest one of course! If you’re looking for places to eat, bars, exhibitions or gigs etc. I recommend you download it. Friends of Ours was small but had great decor, the staff were lovely and most importantly the breakfasts were delish! With full bellies we headed to the market – I took a million photos and wanted to buy everything!

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

I got some pink pineapples – it’s been so difficult not to use them in every Instagram this week!, and ranunculus and anemones are my fave flowers so I got some of them too. I really should have been a spring bride. It was super windy and made my hair go all floopy, but the sun came out just as we were passing those pretty pink doors, so all in all I’d call it a successful trip!

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

Stumbling across art

Dan and I studied Fine Art at uni, and we never pass an exhibition without having a look see. As we headed home from Columbia Road we stumbled across Rebecca Louise Law‘s exhibition ‘ Flora and Fauna’ in a little shop on a side street. The work was beautiful, maybe a little morbid? I think it was the dark wood, the musty smell and museum likeness of it all that makes me think that. All her works are so detailed, and you know that hours and hours of work has gone into making each piece. None of my pics do them any justice so take a look at her website, or if your in the Columbia Road area you could have a gander in real life.

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

My favourite pieces were these cloches filled with dried flowers, shells, bugs and butterflies. I couldn’t quite get a full pic without almost bumping into glass case or a person, so this was the best clear shot I could get of them. Hopefully you get the idea?!

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

The Refinery

I went to see the osteopath for my back problem this week. It was well worth the £12! After a very long, but successful appointment, where I was asked to strip down to my underwear and three doctors came in to ‘taking a look’, me and Dan decided that we deserved a night out. We’re trying to save money – we really want our very own four walls, but sometimes (in our case a lot of the time) you’ve just got to treat yo’self! I work in Southwark and pass The Refinery on an almost daily basis but have never even stopped to look at the menu. It. Is. Amazing. If you ever find yourself in the area and hungry you should give it a try. I’ll definitely be going back.

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bridemy week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

I went for a special lemonade as my tipple of choice – being on tablets for my back I didn’t want to add any alcohol into the mix. I wasn’t disappointed, it was yummier than and kind of looked like a cocktail! I’m big on sharing food, that way there’s no food envy – The chorizo scotch egg starter was the best thing I’ve eaten all week. I could have eaten 10!

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

Spring has sprung

Now I don’t want to jinx it, but the last two days have been pretty wonderful and springy in the south. I’ve seen some crazy pictures of snow in the north of England, and after the glorious day we had yesterday it’s really hard to believe that’s just a few hours up the road. Could I be more British talking about the weather right now?!

It’s still really cold though and unfortunately/annoyingly the colourful coats I ordered a few weeks ago got lost in the post. By the time I contacted the company they didn’t have my size anymore, hmpfff. Once again I took to the interweb and found a few more on ASOS, they should arrive today! I’m hoping one of them is what I wanted, you can never tell 100% online can you?

my week - 05032016 | Bonjour Bride

Have you planned anything nice to do tomorrow for Mother’s day? I’m going to make some cake and spend some quality girly time with my mum, sister, aunty and nan. Hope you have a great weekend lovelies.

Sarah x


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