My week: March 25, 2016

my week - bonjour bride

My week

This weeks round up is going to be a short and sweet one and is up on a Friday! Firstly happy Easter weekend everyone! It’s such a beautiful day in London and fingers crossed this lasts the rest of the long weekend and the sun is shining where you are! My week was an even shorter one than most – I was bed bound on Monday with tonsillitis. I’m feeling a little better but I’m still finding eating a little difficult and painful, but I’m making it happen… Nothing will keep me away from a food!

Apart from lots of rest when I wasn’t working, there’s not actually been much going on in my week. This morning we’ve been out for a walk to get some sunshine, and stock up on things for the weekend and right now we’re waiting for my in-laws (they’re on their way up as I type) to spend the long weekend with us. We have lots of fun things planned to do with them and we’ll all be tourists for the next couple of days! There’ll be lots of posting happening on Instagram @bonjourbride, and maybe even Snapchat – I’m still getting used to using snapchat, but I’m slowly coming round to it – if you’re interested you’ll find me at @sarahshabparker.

my week - eat what you want

Four foodie days

Easter is for eating – chocolate and hot cross buns, I will find somewhere to serve lamb to me, and did I mention novelty shaped chocolate? I’m super excited for all our meals out, and excuses for coffee shop rests filled with tea and cake refueling. I’m putting the healthy eating on hold and plan to overindulge to le max!

Whatever you get up to I hope it’s fun and you have time for relaxing. Let’s all make the most of it – we all know Tuesday will be here before we know it!

Sarah x


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