My week: February 27, 2016

my week - 27022016

My week

This week has been a busy one, early mornings, late nights and lots of eating out! Last week I mentioned work was stressful, and it only got worse this week… but it’s the weekend now, it’s over and I survived – I didn’t emerge unscathed though – I’m writing this from my bed with some serious back pain. I’m off to see an Osteopath on Monday, so fingers crossed they can help. Moan over, here’s a look back at last week and what I got up to.

my week - 27022016 | The Modern Pantry

The Modern Pantry

Last Sunday we headed to Columbia Road for some blooms to brighten up the house. Alas it wasn’t meant to be because we got to Whitechapel and the Overground was closed! We figured that by the time we had walked, or hailed a taxi we were probably going to miss the market. To make the journey worth it and make the most of having some ‘us’ time we went for brunch. The Modern Pantry in Finsbury Square was only a couple of stops away and has some super fancy, tasty options – plus it’s a really cosy place to spend a few hours when it’s cold and windy.

my week - 27022016 | The Modern Pantrymy week - 27022016 | The Modern Pantry

I’m normally a savory kinda gal, but Dan went for the breakfast so I decided on the waffles. They were lovely, but after having a taste of Dan’s I instantly regretted my choice and wish I’d gone for toast and eggs, the mushrooms it came with were divine! I’ve already decided that we’ll definitely be going back… I mean we’ve got to get flowers at some point and I’m sure we can fit in a detour!

my week - 27022016 | london in spring

London’s in bloom

It’s still freezing but the flowers are coming out – The seasons don’t know if they are coming or going in London town! I’m always so torn over what my favourite season is. Winter is definitely the best for fashion, but I think I love Spring the best in London. You don’t have to bundle up so much, and end up disgusting on the tube, plus you get some beautiful sunny days when it’s almost acceptable to go out without a jacket!

I searched high and low for some colourful light coats in the sales and finally found some. I really dislike being apart of the grey/black/blue smudge of people, and there’s no denying that you feel happier in brights. I’ll be sure to take some pics once they arrive.

my week - 27022016 | Potli

Out on a school night

I rarely plan anything on the evenings during the week. Including the commute, my work day is almost 12 hours, so most of the time I just want to get home, eat something, have a bath and climb into bed. It can be quite boring, but also nice to get a few hours with Dan everyday. We’re re-watching all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy at the moment – I forgot how many good bits there are!

This week though, we went out for dinner not once but twice! The first was a catch up with friends at Potli in Hammersmith. A couple of friends have babies so we don’t get to see them all that often – we oohed over pictures of little ones, and had a heated debate about Making a Murderer, have you seen it? What do you think? The food was good but the cocktails were better – except maybe don’t go for the Ginger and Chilli one, that was a mistake! The second outing of my week was to our local Ask with the famalam. They were heading to the cinema but I had my food and headed home to bed – I know so rock ‘n’ roll right?!

my week - 27022016 | sweet treats

Sweet treats

I don’t think I’ve shared this information yet, but one of my besties is getting married in October and I’m a bridesmaid!!! This is my first proper time as a bridesmaid – I don’t think it counts when your 6 – and I’m super excited! I’ve put on all the weight I lost for our wedding, and maybe some more, so I really need to get back to eating better and exercising. It not that I think I look terrible, I just don’t feel as healthy as I did when I was lighter. I don’t believe in diets, I think when you deny yourself something that’s when you crave and binge, so everything in moderation – maybe just cutting out some carbs and sweets will help the cause! This week was a bad one with all the eating out and work events, I couldn’t say no to the tarts, but I did fit some fruit on the plate too!

my week - 27022016 | MacBook

Highlight of my week

The highlight of my week arrived in the form of a shiny new MacBook Pro! I’ve wanted a Mac for such a long time, and already I don’t know how we worked on our ancient PC before. I had such a great response from the wedding I featured this week, you can take a look at it here. Do let me know what you like seeing, ultimately it’s you that I write the blog for so getting your input would be fab.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovelies,

Sarah x


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