In love and Anti-Valentines

Heart shape eucalyptus

Choosing to blog about weddings, celebrations full of love and PDA you might think I would love Valentines, a day dedicated to all things heart shaped and covered in kisses, but I’m the opposite, I’m team Anti-Valentines.

This post took longer than expected to put together. Don’t get me wrong I love romance and all the pretty paraphernalia – I’m very much in love and married to the man of my dreams and like many have shared public messages of adoration for him, but today, on Valentines Day I won’t be. I woke up this morning with my husband lying next to me, I gave him a kiss, something I do everyday and right now he’s sat next to me on the sofa. We’ll be here for most of the day… Yes we are watching the football! Scrolling through my Facebook I’ve seen lots of ‘Happy Valentines’ messages and I always wonder why people celebrate a day that has no real significance for them. Every couple has their our own special days – The day you met, when you officially became a couple or the day you moved in together, so why make more of an effort on February 14th?

Thankfully I didn’t have to turn Dan to my way of thinking!

When I was my younger, braces wearing, spotty self (you could have played dot-to-dot on my face) all I longed for was a boyf and to be someone’s Valentine… the struggle was real! But now I look back and hate that I was to made to feel ‘unwanted’ just because I wasn’t someones significant other. Valentines turns love into spectacle, a competition and that’s not what it should be about at all. I get why shops cash in, and I might still have to buy everything in Kikki K’s ‘Love is Love’ collection, but in total honesty if Dan got me something on February 14th I’d be a little disappointed.

Today, like most Sunday’s, we’ll be spending the day together. We’re about to head to the gym and then undo all the good work by baking a lemon drizzle cake – yay! I’m sure this will make it onto Instagram so if you want to see the outcome come take a look on @BonjourBride… fingers crossed the oven plays ball!

Despite my Anti-Valentines tendencies, here’s a little message to wish you all a very happy V-Day! Hope you have a lovely Sunday whatever you’re doing, together… or on your own.

Love Sarah x


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