Our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas? This year it felt like lots of us weren’t feeling all that festive in the lead up, but now I’m quite sad that it’s all by and our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs is over. It’s the little things that finally got me in the festive mood and I thought I would document the things we got up to, it involved lots of sofa time but went places to and Mr SP even ended up in the paper!

Columbia Road

I’ve been meaning to visit Columbia Road for ages and there was no better excuse than to get a Christmas bouquet for the house. It’s the first time Dan and I had ever been together, it wasn’t his idea of a great morning out but he has to put up with me! There was lots of flogging Christmas Trees and mistletoe but lots of colourful blooms too. I had to restrain from buying all the pretty and seriously regret not buying a beautiful wreaths. It’s a bit crazy that daffodils are already out right?! The photo of our bouquet was taken this week and is still looking fresh, I’ll definitely be using the cotton and willow in lots of arrangements in 2016.

Christmas mistletoe and red berries Christmas Wreaths Columbia Road LondonLilies Columbia Road LondonDaffodils Columbia Road LondonChristmas bouquet eucalyptus red berries cotton pussy willow

Some special snail mail

We decided to forgo sending cards this year and instead we made a donation to charity. It was really lovely receiving lots of ‘Happy first Christmas as Mr and Mrs’ cards from family and friends though. One bit of post in particular was very lovely and unexpected from our wedding venue Hedsor House. We’ve also got a fab Christmas present… our wedding photos! We’ve been waiting a while for them and they are all so amazing! Now I’ve got them I’m planning posts about all of our wedding very soon!

Hedsor House Christmas card and miseltoe

Party planning

I was planning a work party which went really well… well given how tipsy everyone got I think it was enjoyable! Stamping and hand tying 250 luggage tags onto candy canes was fiddly work but looked good, even if I do say so myself! I even got to buy a tree and decorate it. I’m very traditional with our tree at home, this year was a gold and white theme, you can see our tree on my Instagram @bonjourbride, but for work I got to decorate with some very kitsch beauties. They are so fun that I may have actually been turned!

I work in such a lovely office with some amazing people we were lucky to be treated us to a fancy Christmas meal at Bocca di Lupo. It’s been a great year and was really nice to socialise properly with collegues. I didn’t get any pictures of the food which was an amazing seafood feast as I was too busy enjoying myself and filling my face!, but I did snap a photo of the fancy hand-painted wall paper.

image1merry christmas candy canesColourful glass Christmas decorationsbocca di lupo hand painted wallpaper

Beach walks

This year we spent Christmas with Dan’s family in Exmouth. They live five minutes from the beach so on Christmas Eve we decided to go for a little stroll, it was so sunny we just had to get out of the house and it was nice to have some time to ourselves and take a few pictures of course. There were so many people out on the water which was fun to watch, and while those beach huts are the most pretty they are certainly fun!

Exmouth BeachExmouth colourful beach huts sarah and daniel christmas eve selfie

The Christmas swim

Every year Exmouth hosts a Christmas swim, and despite spending a few December 25th’s there I hadn’t never taken part, or even gone down to watch it! I really wanted to do it this year so secretly packed my swimming costume and started mentioning it on Christmas eve. After a few drinks I had roped Dan and both my in laws to do it with me! We got up grabbed towels, hot water bottles and dressing gowns and went down to the beach. It was the mildest Christmas Day for a long time but was still freezing! I got a little nervous before running in trying to imagine just how cold the water would be but it was so much fun and I’ll definitely be doing it again. Dan even got into a national newspaper… well the bikini clad girls did and he happened to be in the right place at the right time!

newspaper exmouth christmas swim daniel shabajee parker

To mark the occasion

Because we have so many friends and family that live around the world I use Facebook a lot to send messages (you can follow me here) and because this year was special I got a card made for us that we’ll frame and keep and bring out as a decoration. For all you lovelies that want one you can find this design on notonthehighstreet from Slice of Pie Designs.

personalised christmas card

Walking off the food

I ate excessively over the break (and am showing no signs of stopping!) so to make ourselves feel a little better we went for a long walk along the cliffs to Orcombe Point. I’d never been before so it was nice to get a different, and very windy view of the beach. I think it’s the oldest section of the Jurassic Coast and even if its not  there was a fancy sculpture which is quite nice. After a week in Devon we came back to London and did Christmas all over again with my family. Going to the gym felt like too much hard work so we went for another walk around Osterley Park instead. The last three photos are from our walk around the park, you certainly wouldn’t think you were in London with those views.

orcombe point exmouth cliffs and beachorcombe point exmouth cliffs orcombe point sea viewsOsterley Park and House Lakeosterley fields national trust park lake and reeds

So all in all I’ve had a lovely break so far, we’re planning a quiet night in for New Years. I hope you’ve had a good break, any plans to ring in 2016? Whatever you get up to I hope it’s a good one and I guess I’ll see you on the other side!

Sarah x

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